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Endometriosis occurs when tissue normally found in a woman’s uterus grows outside of the uterus. Many patients are asymptomatic but for those that have symptoms, they can be debilitating and affect daily function.

Symptoms usually include PAIN:

  • Before or during monthly periods
  • Between monthly periods
  • During or after sex
  • When urinating or having a bowel movement (often during monthly periods)

Other symptoms of endometriosis can include:

  • Trouble getting pregnant

Unfortunately, there is no good test for endometriosis. It is usually suspected based on the symptoms above and confirmed with an exam and surgical evaluation.

Dr. Hawkins completed a 2-year fellowship in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and pelvic reconstruction. During that training, she was extensively trained in laparoscopic diagnosis and management of endometriosis under the direction of Dr. Fermin Barrueto, Sr. She utilizes the latest technology in visualizing and identifying endometriosis in the pelvis and upper abdomen.

Dr. Hawkins was an active participant in some of the leading studies looking at Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) and PINPOINT Near Inferred Imaging use during laparoscopy for a more thorough evaluation of endometriosis lesions. During her fellowship, she was part of the team that was the first to purchase and use the new 3D laparoscope that too has revolutionized the management of endometriosis and adhesive disease. She continues to use the latest technology in 3D imaging and NBI in her current practice.

Dr. Hawkins removes endometriosis seen during surgery, leading to a 70% greater reduction in endometriosis pain symptoms than only burning of lesions.

Endometriosis can be treated in different ways. The right treatment for you will depend on your symptoms and whether you want to be able to get pregnant in the future. Dr. Hawkins and Davis will discuss the many options during your consultation and together will create a treatment plan that works best for you.