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Hysteroscopy is an outpatient surgical procedure performed to permit direct visualization of the uterine lining or cavity using a long thin, lighted telescope inserted through the vagina and cervix. Hysteroscopy is used as a diagnostic tool, and operative device, or both, depending on the specific condition. Diagnostic hysteroscopy can be thought of as a way of “seeing” the inside of the uterine cavity. During diagnostic hysteroscopy, we will be examining the lining of the uterus, looking for polyps, fibroids, scar tissue, blockage of fallopian tubes, and abnormal partitions. Operative hysteroscopy can be thought of as operating while “seeing” with the hysteroscopy. In many cases, with the use of operative hysteroscopy, the gynecologist will be able to surgically remove many of the abnormalities seen with diagnostic hysteroscopy such as polyps and fibroids. Hysteroscopy can also be used as a method of collecting samples of tissue for examination or to remove an object, such as an intrauterine device.