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Well-Woman Exam

A well-woman exam is one of the most important ways women of all ages can protect their health and engage in their wellness care. Starting at age 21 and up until about 70, well-woman exams should be performed yearly. It is recommended that the first visit occurs in the mid- to late-teens.

At Fibroid and Pelvic Wellness Center of Georgia, your overall female health is important to us. This is a great opportunity to let us know if there are any concerns regarding your female health as well as set or update health goals. We will use this opportunity to counsel and educate on ways to help you make informed health decisions and partner with you to do so.

During the visit, your provider will:

  • Discuss your health and lifestyle behaviors
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
    • Smoking
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Sexual practices
    • Menstrual cycles
  • Screen for breast and gynecologic cancers
    • PAP smear, HPV testing
    • Mammogram
  • Discuss preventive screenings
    • DEXA bone scans
  • Discuss and perform sexually transmitted disease screening
  • Discuss pregnancy prevention and family planning
    • Birth control
    • Pre-pregnancy counseling
    • Fertility guidance
  • Plan for further evaluation of any of your gynecologic concerns