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Travel to Atlanta

Traveling to Atlanta

Have your surgery performed by Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Davis!

Whether you are driving to Atlanta or traveling internationally, it is easy to make arrangements to have your surgery performed by our doctors. Our staff is dedicated to our patients and will assist you in your travel plans.

For patients that travel to Atlanta for surgery, we recommend that you stay in town after your surgery so that we can take care of you should a complication arise. We would be happy to discuss hotel accommodations if needed.

Below is some general information on traveling to Atlanta and where to stay during your recovery.

How long will I need to stay?

There are different timeframes allowed based on the type of surgery you are having. If you are having more than one of these procedures, then the longer time frame appliers. These time frames are as follows: Laparoscopic surgery – 72 hours, Vaginal surgery – 48 hours. Please make arrangements accordingly.


Arrangements must be made for someone to take you home or to the hotel (if from out of town) from surgery. You will not be allowed to drive yourself or take any form of public transportation (cab, bus, etc.).

Nursing Care

If you are alone, you have the option to hire a nurse to come to the hospital, sign you out, transport you to the hotel, and make sure you are set up and comfortable for the night.

Travel by Air

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a major hub for the Southeastern United States. Northside Hospital is located 23 miles north of the Airport.

Where to Stay

There are many hotel choices located near Northside Hospital.