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Expertly performed laparoscopic surgery both traditional and robotic, has the great advantage over open surgery of being potentially bloodless. Expected blood loss is unique to each surgery patient and skill of the surgeon. The patient and the surgeon should discuss the bloodless surgical option when planning the procedure.

Bleeding interferes with a surgeons ability to recognize the surgical anatomy and this may result in injury to the patient. Prevention and elimination of blood loss is important not only to optimize the patients recovery from surgery but to also avoid reduced oxygen supply to vital organs, such as the heart, brain and kidneys. Dr. Hawkins is an experienced and skillful surgeon and is able to reduce or even eliminate bleeding during the majority of her minimally invasive elective surgeries.

Dr. Hawkins operates out of Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Northside has a very knowledgable team in red blood cell alternatives for the larger more complex cases where blood loss is unavoidable. Extreme care is still taken to minimize the risk and a Cell Saver machine is used to recirculate the patients own blood – if truly needed. The anesthesia and nursing staff along with Dr. Hawkins discuss with each patient in detail what their specific preferences are before each procedure. Dr. Hawkins’ care and expertise in this minimally invasive approach has given her the tools to meet her patients goals and expectations.

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